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Wisenext is a venture and smart capital investment company.

"We focus on helping young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that have an impact on our society, providing capital, knowledge and networking.

Primarily devoted to local sustainable digital businesses having creative, innovative and differentiated projects, with a high potential of scalability, driven by a born global mindset and cutting edge technology."

Founder and Managing Partner

Being Wise.

“Whenever I struggle with the some of the biggest decisions, WiseNext is there to clear the picture for me. Thank you for all the help.”

João Prior

“During the hardest moments of the project, when energy levels were lower, the BAs that helped me launch BestTables were crucial to my motivation, challenging and financially supporting important milestones of the project.”

Ricardo Sécio
CEO The Fork - Brasil

"At Mobrand we truly believe that to be successful in business and make things happen we would need the right blend of ideas, people and capital. That's why we chose WiseNext as our smart capital partner, more than capital, WiseNext can provide the right insights to make your business idea thrive."

Luís Frade
CEO Mobrand

"We chose Wisenext for its seriousness and its knowledge and ability to support the creation of a new business."

Luís Mesquita
Managing Partner Prodflow

“The experience and knowledge provided by the founders of WiseNext were crucial to the negotiations and financial support of new business partnerships. We count on them for the challenges that lie ahead.”

Ricardo Sousa
Executive Board Member - PC Clinic

“Right from the first meeting we understood that Wisenext would become an invaluable partner. Much more than capital, they bring the experience we need to have a clearer image of where we are, and structure the plan for where we’re going.”

Pedro Almeida
CEO Mindprober

“In this pivotal moment for REATIA, Wisenext comes up as an essential partner. This partnership is brought on by a pragmatic business overview, a frontal relationship with associated collaborators and always seeing the promoters side.”

Hugo Venâncio

“The difference between good and excellent investors is not in the number of insights given but in the quality of these. Wisenext fully embodies this principle while adding a beautiful yet rare human side to business. We're super proud to have them by our side.”

Pedro Andrade

“Always available to help and to get in action, Wisenext challenges our assumptions to foster smarter decisions. They're a trustworthy partner that supports our vision and guides us in our journey to it.”

Martim Cardeira

"The name says everything: a "Wise" investor that brought not only investment but also tons of knowledge and experience & that is always "Next" to us and available to jump on a call. Even before investing in Pleez, we started making important changes to our product and go-to-market, thanks to Paulo's inputs."

Afonso Pinheiro

"Wisenext was the first investor that firmly said YES to our project. We never forget the first person that extends us his hand, after all, the first move is often the hardest. Paulo was the first one to do it and thanks to him we now can rely on his wisdom and invaluable mentorship."

Hugo Hilário

"At Reckon.ai we believe that to be successful, you need to be surrounded by great people. Having Wisenext as a partner means always having someone available to help you. Paulo has been a great supporter and very collaborative."

Ana Pinto

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1250-162 Lisboa.

+351 211 234 017